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Let's help the children in Latin-America and Haiti! Every bit counts!
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Onze Kleine Weeskinderen or Nos Petits Orphelins is part of the international organization called Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, which has 23 offices worldwide!

They all work to raise 3,200 orphaned, abandoned, and disadvantaged boys and girls in Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti. An additional 2,300 children who live outside the homes receive scholarships, meals, and healthcare. 

What we love about this organization is that they really try to give these children a family, which is why, for example, once they are 18 they do not need to leave the premises of the children homes like in almost all other institutions or government programmes. The children leave when they are ready to be on their own. Some may leave before, but many leave much later after finishing their studies.

With your sponsorship, you can help OKW/NPO provide children in Latin-America and Haiti a better future in which they are able to use their own unique potential to grow up to be full and responsible adults within their own community and thus contribute to the socio-economic development of their country!

Wanna know more about this association? Check their Belgian website HERE or their international one HERE

Every donation counts! :D

Ps: if you live in Belgium donations of 40€ upwards are tax deductible!


Breng deze actie extra onder de aandacht met een gave poster. Je kunt zelf de tekst bepalen en de poster vervolgens printen en overal ophangen. Iedereen kan een poster maken voor deze actie dus ook vrienden, familie, collega’s, de mensen uit je sportteam of klasgenoten. Hang de poster op in de supermarkt, bij winkels achter het raam, bij bedrijven of op school. Als je het vriendelijk vraagt en uitlegt waarvoor het is dan is het ophangen van een poster vaak geen probleem.

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